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World Wildlife Fund - Global 200 (freshwater) Ecoregions


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2010-05-12 18:00:00
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2013-08-02 17:08:41


WWF's Global 200 is a first attempt to identify a set of ecoregions whose conservation would achieve the goal of saving a broad diversity of the Earth's ecosystems. These ecoregions include those with exceptional levels of biodiversity, such as high species richness or endemism, or those with unusual ecological or evolutionary phenomena. Tropical rain forests deservedly garner much conservation attention, as they may contain half of the world's species. However, a comprehensive strategy for conserving global biodiversity must strive to include the other 50 percent of species and habitats, such that all species and the distinctive ecosystems that support them are conserved. Habitats like tropical dry forests, tundra, polar seas, desert [...]


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World Wildlife Fund - US
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