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Pacific Northwest (USA) Projected Spotted Owl Habitat Occupancy for 2061-2090


Original Data Basin Creation Date
2010-04-29 09:48:35
Original Data Basin Modified Date
2010-04-29 22:11:43


This dataset represents projected spotted owl habitat probability of occupancy for the climate of 2061-2090 in the Pacific Northwest (USA) based on the mean habitat occupancy predictions from three representative climate projections: lowest warming (GCM GISS_ER with IPCC storyline B1), moderate warming (GCM ECHAM5 SRES with storyline A2), and highest warming (GCM IPSL_CM4 with storyline A2). This dataset is currently under development and subject to change. Please DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS DATASET until it has been finalized (for more details contact . In Carroll and others (in prep.), we evaluate how a system of reserves can be made resilient to climate change. First, we assess how well the NFP's reserve [...]


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Carlos Carroll,Klamath Center For Conservation Research
Harvested on Fri May 23 09:43:18 MDT 2014 from Data Basin Service

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