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Effects of eutrophication on Ranunculus and Potamogeton


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Water crowfoot (Ranunculus penicillatus subsp. pseudofluitans (Syme) S. Webster) plants were grown in two artificial recirculating rivers, in one of which the phosphate concentration of the input was raised from 40 gPl-1 to 200 gPl-1. Fennel pondweed (Potamogeton pectinatus L.) plants were planted as a competitor in association with 50% of the Ranunculus clumps. Chemical concentrations of the major elements in the water were measured weekly. Filamentous algae grew in profusion in the channel with added phosphate (0.77 T fresh weight), compared with an immeasurably low amount in the control channel. After 100 days the plants were removed, dried and weighed and the tissue concentrations of the major elements were measured. The Ranunculus [...]



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Journal of Aquatic Plant Management 31:113-117. Reprinted by the National Biological Service, Environmental Management Technical Center, Onalaska, Wisconsin

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