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Evaluation of the growth of Vallisneria americana Michx. in relation to sediment nutrient availability


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A recent (1988-1991) decline of Vallisneria americana Michx. (wildcelery) in Lake Onalaska, Wisconsin, prompted coordinated laboratory and field studies to evaluate the capacity of different sediments in the lake to support Vallisneria growth. Two sites were selected that formerly supported Vallisneria beds but differed in hydrologic patterns and sediment characteristics. Sediment from Site 1 (the protected site) was predominantly fine-textured, with a silt-clay particle fraction of 77 percent; sediment from Site 2 (the unprotected/open water site) contained 79 percent coarse-grained sand. In the laboratory study, production and morphology of Vallisneria were examined on nonamended sediments from each site and on the same sediments [...]



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Lake and Reservoir Management 11(1):57 66. Reprinted by U.S. Geological Survey, Environmental Management Technical Center, Onalaska, Wisconsin

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