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Light availability and growth of wildcelery (Vallisneria americana) in Upper Mississippi River backwaters


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Large beds of Vallisneria americana declined in the backwaters of the Upper Mississippi River after a drought that occurred between 1987 and 1989. One hypothesis for this decline is that low light availability may have decreased net photosynthesis to the extent that overwintering tubers were not formed. Following the decline, light availability remained low. To determine what light levels would be necessary for the re-establishment of Vallisneria in the Upper Mississippi River, the long-term growth of plants in a backwater lake and in an experimental pond was measured while the surface and subsurface light were monitored continuously. Plants grown from tubers transplanted to 0�5, 1�0, and 1�5 m depth in the lake grew and produced tubers [...]



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Regulated Rivers: Research & Management 11:167 174. Reprinted by U.S. Geological Survey, Environmental Management Technical Center, Onalaska, Wisconsin

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