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Development and Dissemination of High-Resolution National Climate Change Dataset


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Katharine Hayhoe, 2013-03-22, Development and Dissemination of High-Resolution National Climate Change Dataset: .


Climate change is a global problem whose impacts are experienced at the local to regional scale. For this reason, the first step in assessing the impacts of climate change—on a species or an ecosystem, on water resources, or on an aspect of human society such as energy demand or agriculture—is often to develop projections of how temperature, precipitation, and other important aspects of climate might be expected to change in the future at the location of interest. Global climate models produce future climate projections that are usually too coarse to capture the local characteristics that determine climate at any given location: the proximity of that location to a large body of water, for example, which would moderate extreme temperatures; [...]


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Katharine Hayhoe

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  • National CASC
  • National and Regional Climate Adaptation Science Centers

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