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Detection of Seasonal Foliage Changes in Tropical Forests of the Eastern Amazon Basin Using Landsat TM Images


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Satellite images, which integrate individual treecanopies and cover a large spatial extent, canprovide information on stand-level canopyphenology. In tropical forests, these seasonalchanges are especially difficult to determine fromground studies because of the high speciesdiversity and low phenological synchrony. Thevariability in the near infrared bands (bands 4and 5) of several distinct vegetation types wasused to detect seasonal changes in a series ofthree Landsat TM images from the wet season to thedry season in Maraba, Brazil (eastern Amazonbasin). Despite different atmospheric andinstrumental conditions among the three images,changes in characteristics of the forest typeswere clearly distinguishable. Changes in thespectral properties [...]


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The frequent temporal sampling and course spatialresolution of satellite imagery provides atechnique for quantifying seasonal changes instand level canopy phenology through theintegration of individual tree canopies.

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