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UMRS LTRMP 2010/11 LCU Mapping -- Illinois River Peoria Pool


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Aerial photographs for Pools 1-13 Upper Mississippi River System and Pools, Alton-Marseilles, Illinois River were collected in color infrared (CIR) in August of 2010 at 8”/pixel and 16”/pixel respectively using a mapping-grade Applanix DSS 439 digital aerial camera. In August 2011, CIR aerial photographs for Pools 14-Open River South, Upper Mississippi River and Pools Dresden-Lockport, Illinois River were collected at 16”/pixel with the same camera. All CIR aerial photos were orthorectified, mosaicked, compressed, and served via the UMESC Internet site. The CIR aerial photos were interpreted and automated using a 31-class LTRMP vegetation classification. The 2010/11 LCU databases were prepared by or under the supervision of competent [...]


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Larry R Robinson
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John C Nelson

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Development of the 2010/11 Land Cover/Land Use (LCU) Geographic Information System (GIS) database will provide a third systemic dataset to compare the 1989 and the 2000 systemic coverages. Though a crosswalk was needed to compare 1989 and 2000 since different vegetation classification systems were used, the 2000 and 2010/11 LCU datasets will use the same classification and classifiers, making them directly comparable. Once completed, the 2010/11 dataset will be invaluable in assessing and evaluating long-term vegetation trends and habitat changes over the past 20 years, and in assessing the current state of floodplain vegetation.

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