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Taxa Information Registry


This is a collection of biological taxa and associated information. It serves as a point of reference for taxa of interest to the Biogeographic Information System, an enterprise of the Core Science Analytics, Synthesis and Libraries Program designed to serve as an information underpinning for the National Biogeographic Map and the National Biodiversity Assessment. The primary features of the taxa registry include the following: Identifiers - provides a connection point for different identifiers for the same species to aid in interconnecting between relevant data systems Links - provides web links and API connection points to different data systems associated with a species Additional attributes - provides additional attributes, potentially [...]

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This collection of records serves as a data and information aggregation point for systems and services containing information on these species. As part of the experimental Biodiversity Information System, the Taxa Registry serves as a director for an indexing process that pulls a snapshot summary of taxonomy from a relevant authority (e.g., Integrated Taxonomic Information System) combined with information from other data systems either through links/identifiers to those systems or through attributes cached with the records in this collection (usually as terms attributed to vocabularies).




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