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Spring migration ecology of waterfowl in the Central Flyway


Spring migration is a key portion of the annual cycle for waterfowl due to its proximity to the breeding period and for the potential for resource limitation during this time. Research during spring has lagged behind other periods of the annual cycle, despite the potential for events during spring to influence successful reproduction. Arctic-nesting geese rely heavily on nutrient reserves (lipid and protein) accumulated during spring migration for egg laying and/or incubation. Nesting pintails rely on endogenous lipids to greater degree than other ducks, and lipid dynamics prior to arriving at breeding areas may influence initiation of nesting, clutch size, and other aspects of recruitment in pintails. The Rainwater Basin and central [...]

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Principal Investigator :
Aaron T Pearse, Gary L Krapu

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“Snow geese in the Rainwater Basin Area of Nebraska”
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Snow geese in the Rainwater Basin Area of Nebraska
Snow geese in the Rainwater Basin Area of Nebraska


  • Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center




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