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Standards-based Integration and Delivery of USGS and EPA STORET Biomonitoring Data via the Water Quality Data Portal


Langseth, M.L., Chang, M.Y., Carlino, Jennifer, Bellmore, J.R., Birch, D.D., Bradley, Joshua, Bristol, R.S., Buscombe, D.D., Duda, J.J., Everette, A.L., Graves, T.A., Greenwood, M.M., Govoni, H.S., Henkel, H.S., Hutchison, V.B., Jones, B.K., Kern, Tim, Lacey, Jennifer, Lamb, R.M., Lightsom, F.L., Long, J.L., Saleh, R.A., Smith, S.W., Soulard, C.E., Viger, R.J., Warrick, J.A., Wesenberg, K.E., Wieferich, D.J., and Winslow, L.A., 2016, Community for Data Integration 2015 annual report: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2016–1165, 57 p.,


The purpose of this project was to test and develop first-generation biological data integration and retrieval capabilities for the Water Quality Portal (National Water Quality Monitoring Council, [n.d.]) using the Water Quality Exchange (WQX) data exchange standard (Environmental Information eXchange Network, 2016). The Water Quality Portal (Portal) is a significant national water data distribution node that is aligned with the vision of the Open Water Data Initiative (Advisory Committee on Water Information, [n.d.]). The Portal is sponsored by the USGS, the EPA, and the National Water Quality Monitoring Council. The WQX data exchange standard is a mature standard widely adopted within the water quality monitoring community and is [...]


Principal Investigator :
Peter M Ruhl
Cooperator/Partner :
James M Kreft, Charles Kovatch
CMS Group :
Community for Data Integration - CDI

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“Workflow for retrieving BioData and STORET fish community data ”
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Workflow for retrieving BioData and STORET fish community data
Workflow for retrieving BioData and STORET fish community data


  • Community for Data Integration (CDI)



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