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Google Earth Streamgages KML Files


These files display USGS streamgages in Google Earth, which is an interactive, 3D viewer that seamlessly zooms from a global scale down to less than a meter in many urban areas. To display the streamgages in a state, select one of the state names below (or the entire United States) by clicking on the region name. This will download a KML file, which can be viewed in Google Earth. Clicking on the streamgage symbol in Google Earth will display the station number, the station name, the first date of data collection, the last date of data collection (as of September 30, 2005), and the number of days in the dataset. Data collection has been discontinued at about two thirds of the streamgages and, therefore, the last date of data collection [...]


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WaterWatch ( is a U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) World Wide Web site that displays maps, graphs, and tables describing real-time, recent, and past streamflow conditions for the United States. The real-time information generally is updated on an hourly basis. WaterWatch provides streamgage-based maps that show the location of more than 3,000 long-term (30 years or more) USGS streamgages; use colors to represent streamflow conditions compared to historical streamflow; feature a point-and-click interface allowing users to retrieve graphs of stream stage (water elevation) and flow; and highlight locations where extreme hydrologic events, such as floods and droughts, are occurring.


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