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Appendix 2. Simulated monthly mean streamflows for the seven study watersheds in eastern and central Montana, for the baseline period (WY 1982 – 1999) and future periods (WYs 2021 – 2038, 2046 – 2063 and 2071 – 2088) for the three General Circulation Models used in the regional climate model.

Apendix tables for Supplemental Information for forthcoming journal article: Potential Effects of Climate Change on Streamflow for Seven Watersheds in Eastern and Central Montana


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Chase, K.J. Haj, A.E. Regan, R.S. and Viger, R.J., 2016, Potential Effects of Climate Change on Streamflow in Eastern and Central Montana (2013-2014 Analyses) - PRMS Input and Output Data: U.S. Geological Survey data release,


The Precipitation-Runoff Modeling System (PRMS) was used to produce simulations of streamflow for seven watersheds in eastern and central Montana for a baseline period (water years 1982-1999) and three future periods (water years 2021-2038, 2046–2063, and 2071-2038). The seven areas that were modeled are the O'Fallon, Redwater, Little Dry, Middle Musselshell, Judith, Cottonwood Creek, and Belt watersheds. Appendix 2 is provided as supplementary information to accompany the forthcoming journal article Potential Effects of Climate Change on Streamflow for Seven Watersheds in Eastern and Central Montana. These data document the monthly streamflow (in cubic meters per second) at the downstream end of each stream segment for PRMS [...]


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Appendix_2.1_OF_1982_BASELINE.csv 46.4 KB
Appendix_2.1_OF_2030_ECHAM5.csv 46.41 KB
Appendix_2.1_OF_2030_GENMOM.csv 46.38 KB
Appendix_2.1_OF_2055_ECHAM5.csv 46.4 KB
Appendix_2.1_OF_2055_GENMOM.csv 46.42 KB
Appendix_2.1_OF_2055_GFDL.csv 46.39 KB
Appendix_2.1_OF_2080_ECHAM5.csv 46.39 KB
Appendix_2.1_OF_2080_GENMOM.csv 46.38 KB
Appendix_2.2_RW_1982_BASELINE.csv 59.98 KB
Appendix_2.2_RW_2030_ECHAM5.csv 59.94 KB
Appendix_2.2_RW_2030_GENMOM.csv 59.98 KB
Appendix_2.2_RW_2055_ECHAM5.csv 59.94 KB
Appendix_2.2_RW_2055_GENMOM.csv 59.94 KB
Appendix_2.2_RW_2055_GFDL.csv 59.93 KB
Appendix_2.2_RW_2080_ECHAM5.csv 59.92 KB
Appendix_2.2_RW_2080_GENMOM.csv 59.92 KB
Appendix_2.3_LD_1982_BASELINE.csv 43.03 KB
Appendix_2.3_LD_2030_ECHAM5.csv 43.02 KB
Appendix_2.3_LD_2030_GENMOM.csv 43.03 KB
Appendix_2.3_LD_2055_ECHAM5.csv 43.02 KB
Appendix_2.3_LD_2055_GENMOM.csv 43.02 KB
Appendix_2.3_LD_2055_GFDL.csv 43.02 KB
Appendix_2.3_LD_2080_ECHAM5.csv 43.02 KB
Appendix_2.3_LD_2080_GENMOM.csv 43.01 KB
Appendix_2.4_MM_1982_BASELINE.csv 93.81 KB
Appendix_2.4_MM_2030_ECHAM5.csv 93.81 KB
Appendix_2.4_MM_2030_GENMOM.csv 93.81 KB
Appendix_2.4_MM_2055_ECHAM5.csv 93.81 KB
Appendix_2.4_MM_2055_GENMOM.csv 93.81 KB
Appendix_2.4_MM_2055_GFDL.csv 93.81 KB
Appendix_2.4_MM_2080_ECHAM5.csv 93.81 KB
Appendix_2.4_MM_2080_GENMOM.csv 93.81 KB
Appendix_2.5_JD_1982_BASELINE.csv 63.64 KB
Appendix_2.5_JD_2030_ECHAM5.csv 63.65 KB
Appendix_2.5_JD_2030_GENMOM.csv 63.65 KB
Appendix_2.5_JD_2055_ECHAM5.csv 63.49 KB
Appendix_2.5_JD_2055_GENMOM.csv 63.62 KB
Appendix_2.5_JD_2055_GFDL.csv 63.48 KB
Appendix_2.5_JD_2080_ECHAM5.csv 63.45 KB
Appendix_2.5_JD_2080_GENMOM.csv 63.52 KB
Appendix_2.6_CD_1982_BASELINE.csv 10.79 KB
Appendix_2.6_CD_2030_ECHAM5.csv 10.79 KB
Appendix_2.6_CD_2030_GENMOM.csv 10.79 KB
Appendix_2.6_CD_2055_ECHAM5.csv 10.79 KB
Appendix_2.6_CD_2055_GENMOM.csv 10.79 KB
Appendix_2.6_CD_2055_GFDL.csv 10.79 KB
Appendix_2.6_CD_2080_ECHAM5.csv 10.79 KB
Appendix_2.6_CD_2080_GENMOM.csv 10.79 KB
Appendix_2.7_BT_1982_BASELINE.csv 16.05 KB
Appendix_2.7_BT_2030_ECHAM5.csv 16.05 KB
Appendix_2.7_BT_2030_GENMOM.csv 16.03 KB
Appendix_2.7_BT_2055_ECHAM5.csv 16.02 KB
Appendix_2.7_BT_2055_GENMOM.csv 16.03 KB
Appendix_2.7_BT_2055_GFDL.csv 15.99 KB
Appendix_2.7_BT_2080_ECHAM5.csv 16.01 KB
Appendix_2.7_BT_2080_GENMOM.csv 16.02 KB


This appendix is provided as supplementary information to accompany a forthcoming journal article. These data document the output from the PRMS model.



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