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Coastal Science


The NYWSC carries out multidisciplinary science activities across the State’s diverse coastal waters and landscapes on the Atlantic Ocean and the Great Lakes, including the many interconnected waterways, the barrier beaches that form and erode continually, the open waterways that are prone to the effects of major storms and hurricanes, and upland surface-water and groundwater source areas. These areas are also some of the most productive ecosystems in the State and host most of the population and economic development of the State. As a result, the interplay of environmental- and human-health concerns is a prominent thread that connects much of the coastal science activities of the USGS and involves cooperation not only among science [...]

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The purpose of the NYWSC Coastal Science Capability Team is to collaborate and coordinate on timely research products of high quality and relevance for our project partners and society as a whole. This requires clear and frequent communication with stakeholders and the public about coastal science issues of evolving concern. Major topics of study include nearshore environmental health (water and sediment quality, plus ecosystem health), beach and barrier dynamics, tide and wave hydrodynamics, wetlands, climate and land-use change, and flood hazards. Findings are promptly presented at professional and public meetings, and disseminated through a variety of report types which are tailored to each study’s needs. Capability team members serve as technical resources for a broad range of interested parties, and regularly lend their coastal science expertise to committees, programs, and other entities tasked with conservation, management, and protection of the natural and built environment.


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