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As Climate Warms Hawaiian Forest Birds Lose More Ground to Mosquitoes


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2015-07-17, As Climate Warms Hawaiian Forest Birds Lose More Ground to Mosquitoes: .


ISLAND OF HAWAI‘I, Hawaii — Hawai‘i, the name alone elicits images of rhythmic traditional dancing, breathtaking azure sea coasts and scenes of vibrant birds flitting through lush jungle canopy. Unfortunately, the future of many native Hawaiian birds looks grim as diseases carried by mosquitoes are due to expand into higher elevation safe zones. A new study published in Global Change Biology, by researchers at the U.S. Geological Survey and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, assesses how global climate change will affect future malaria risk to native Hawaiian bird populations in the coming century. Read More in the USGS Press Release:


Point of Contact :
David Helweg, Ryan J McClymont
Principal Investigator :
Michael D Samuel
Funding Agency :
Pacific Islands CSC

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  • National and Regional Climate Adaptation Science Centers
  • Pacific Islands CASC

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