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Ecoregion-Based Conservation in the Chihuahuan Desert

A Biological Assessment


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Dinerstein, E., Olson, D., Atchley, J., Loucks, C., Contreras-Balderas, S., Abell, R., Iñigo, E., Enkerlin E., Williams, C. and G. Castilleja. 2000. Ecoregion-Based Conservation in the Chihuahuan Desert: A Biological Assessment.


A Vision for the Chihuahuan Desert The Chihuahuan Desert, shared by two nations, is one of the most biologically rich desert ecoregions in the world, alive with large mammals, birds, reptiles and an unmatched diversity of cactus species. The desert’s rivers, streams and springs are considered to be of global significance, home to fish species found nowhere else on earth. Our vision is a Chihuahuan Desert where governments, local communities, non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, landowners, and other stakeholders are working together to ensure that the richness and diversity of wildlife, habitats, natural communities, and ecological processes of the Chihuahuan Desert are conserved and, where necessary, restored. [...]



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