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MARMAP Fly Net 1990-2009


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Marcel Reichert, 2010, MARMAP Fly Net 1990-2009, SCDNR/NOAA MARMAP Program, SCDNR MARMAP Aggregate data surveys, The Marine Resources Monitoring, Assessment, and Prediction (MARMAP) Program, Marine Resources Research Institute, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, P. O. Box 12559, Charleston SC 29422-2559, U.S.A. Retrieve from


Abundance and biomass of fish species collected during the day from 1980 to 1987 off the coast of the southeastern United States (Cape Fear, NC to Cape Canaveral, FL). The 40/54 Fly net (12.2-m headrope /16.5-m footrope) has a 3.8-cm stretched mesh cod end, 1.3-cm stretched mesh knotless nylon liner, 16.5-m sweep with 9-cm rubber rollers (“cookies”), 45-cm bobbins and Chinese “V” doors (1.8 x 1.2 m; 249.5 kg each). Plastic or aluminum floats (20.3 cm diameter) are equally spaced every approximately 0.6 m on the headrope. For thirty years, the Marine Resources Research Institute (MRRI) at the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR), through the Marine Resources Monitoring, Assessment and Prediction (MARMAP) program, has [...]

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Python ScienceBase script acting on data from the OBIS-USA Postgres database

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