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Understanding Landowner Attitudes, Opinions and Willingness to Participate in Playa Conservation


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DJ Case will work with PLJV and other project cooperators to develop, conduct, and analyze 14 focus groups with key landowners in six states within the GPLCC. Focus groups allow for open-ended discussions and follow-on questioning that will reveal the key socioeconomic realities and hurdles that discourage landowners from enrolling in conservation programs or restoring playas. Focus groups will be conducted in areas with large playa clusters as identified by PLJV’s science-based Playa Decision Support System. Researchers will select key landowners in each state for participation, and will use the focus group sessions to learn what landowners think and feel about management of their lands in general, and about conservation of playas [...]


Principal Investigator :
Phil Seng
Co-Investigator :
Misti Vazquez, Barth Crouch
Funding Agency :
Great Plains Landscape Conservation Cooperative
Lead Organization :
DJ Case and Associates

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This study will allow researchers to learn the specific reasons that landowners do what they do on their lands--what motivates their actions, what incentives and disincentives are effective, what functions and values they seek from their lands, what messages and motivations are most engaging.

Project Extension

productDescriptionInterview transcript and final report with recommendations on how better promote conservation programs to private landowners


  • Great Plains Landscape Conservation Cooperative
  • LC MAP - Landscape Conservation Management and Analysis Portal



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