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Fish Habitat Partnerships Making a Difference in Patten Stream Fish Passageway, Maine

from the National Fish Habitat Partnership's 2015 Through a Fish's Eye Report


Partnerships - Atlantic Coastal Fish Habitat Partnership and Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture The Upper Patten Stream Watershed near Surry, Maine historically supported a thriving commercial Alewife fishery and was used by many other anadromous fish species including Blueback Herring, American Eel, sea-run Brook Trout, and Atlantic Salmon. The Route 172 road crossing caused a four-foot drop without a jumping pool, creating a significant fish movement barrier. The road was the only barrier between Patten Bay and the upper drainage, located just upstream of the estuary. Patten Stream's Alewives were nearly eliminated, surviving mainly due to volunteers who carried fish over the barrier in nets so they may reach spawning habitat. This [...]


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The U.S Geological Survey (USGS) is partnering with the National Fish Habitat Partnership (NFHP) to produce the 2015 report entitled, "Through a Fish's Eye: The Status of Fish Habitats in the United States 2015". The information contained within this item is a product of NFHP. The Bureau is neither responsible nor liable for the accuracy or the use of the scientific content within this item. This content is considered preliminary pending subsequent review and approval.
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