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County fresh-water withdrawal water use allocated to relevant land uses in the United States: 1985 to 2010


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Falcone, J.A., 2016, County fresh-water withdrawal water use allocated to relevant land uses in the United States: 1985 to 2010: U.S. Geological Survey data release,


This product is a series of six national 1-kilometer (km) raster datasets, for five year intervals between 1985 and 2010, representing USGS Water Use "Total Fresh Water Withdrawals", allocated to areas of land use representing anthropogenic use. Pixels representing anthropogenic uses (urban, agriculture, and mining land uses) are derived from the NAWQA Wall-to-wall Anthropogenic Land-use Trends (NWALT) product (Falcone, 2015), a series of decadal national raster datasets for the period 1974-2012. The raster datasets created here are intended as a source of information for estimating water use for watersheds, at the scale of HUC12 watersheds and coarser. Units are millions of gallons per day (mgd) per square km.


Point of Contact :
James Falcone
Originator :
James A. Falcone
Metadata Contact :
James Falcone
Publisher :
U.S. Geological Survey
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U.S. Geological Survey - Science Base
USGS Mission Area :
Water Resources
SDC Data Owner :
Water - Office of Planning and Programming

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The purpose of this dataset is to provide GIS-ready national raster datasets of county-level water use statistics for the period 1985-2010. Allocating county tabular data to specific pixels from a spatially more refined dataset is a dasymetric mapping technique which improves the accuracy of the county-level data mapping.



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DOI doi:10.5066/F7DJ5CR5

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