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Data in support of manuscript "Evaluation of chemical control for invasive crayfish at a warmwater fish production hatchery"


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Allert, A.L. 2016, Data in support of manuscript "Evaluation of chemical control for invasive crayfish at a warmwater fish production hatchery": U.S. Geological Survey data release,


Invasive crayfish are known to displace native crayfish species, alter aquatic habitat and community structure and function, and are serious pests for fish hatcheries. White River Crawfish (WRC; Procambarus acutus) were inadvertently introduced to a warm-water fish hatchery in Missouri, USA, possibly in an incoming fish shipment. We evaluated the use of chemical control for crayfish to ensure incoming and outgoing fish shipments from hatcheries do not contain live crayfish. We conducted acute (less than or equal to 24 hr) static toxicity tests to determine potency, dose-response, and selectivity of pesticides to WRC, Virile Crayfish (VC; Orconectes virilis), and Fathead Minnow (FHM; Pimephales promelas). Data included are: Collection [...]


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Ann L Allert
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Ann L Allert
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CERC Data Managers
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U.S. Geological Survey
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U.S. Geological Survey - ScienceBase
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Columbia Environmental Research Center

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Crayfish_Length_Weight_Data_For_Allert_etal_Chemical_Control_Crayfish_ALA_12-19-16.csv 28.58 KB
Fish_Length_Weight_Data_For_Allert_etal_Chemical_Control_Crayfish_ALA_12-19-16.csv 11.01 KB
Alkalinity_Hardness_Data_For_Allert_etal_Chemical_Control_Crayfish.csv 29.17 KB
Ammonia_Data_For_Allert_etal_Chemical_Control_Crayfish.csv 103.52 KB
Chemical_Analysis_Data_For_Allert_etal_Chemical_Control_Crayfish.csv 787.02 KB
Mortality_Data_For_Allert_etal_Chemical_Control_Crayfish.csv 557.37 KB
Water_Quality_For_Allert_etal_Chemical_Control_Crayfish.csv 137.51 KB
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Data were collected to determine lethal concentrations of candidate chemicals to two species of crayfish, Procambarus acutus and Orconectes virilis, and one fish species, Pimephales promelas. Supporting data included size of test organisms, verification of test concentrations, and water quality of test solutions.


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DOI doi:10.5066/F70K26PP

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