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Bathythermograph Data, Lake Michigan, 1954


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Patterson, E.L., Dabrowski, S.A., Bell, T.M., Nelson, S.R., Everette, A.L., Faundeen, J.L., 2017, Bathythermograph data, Lake Michigan, 1954. U.S. Geological Survey data release,


In 1954 researchers at the USGS Great Lakes Science Center conducted 11 research cruises on Lake Michigan during which 779 bathythermographs were cast to collect temperature profile data (temperature at depth). Bathythermographs of that era recorded water pressure and temperature data by mechanically etching them as a curve on a glass slide. Data was collected from the glass slide by projecting the image of the curve, superimposing a grid, and taking a photo of it, thereby creating a bathythermogram. Data collection personnel could then read the data from the curve. This USGS data release is a digitized set of those original bathythermogram print photos and the temperature and depth data the project team collected from them using [...]


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“Bathythermograph Tabular Data”
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“Bathythermograph Cruise Reports”
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This data release is the result of the 2016 USGS Community for Data Integration’s “Data at Risk” legacy data inventory and preservation project (a.k.a. DaR). The project’s purpose was to identify and prioritize USGS legacy data at risk of loss or damage and document the time and costs required to preserve them. The DaR project was coordinated by The USGS Fort Collins Science Center who partnered with the USGS Great Lakes Science Center to preserve this subset of their historical bathythermogram collection from the Great Lakes region. This data release provides previously unavailable historical water profile data for fisheries research in the Great Lakes as well as realistic time and resource estimates for future legacy data preservation projects.


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