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Zinc concentrations and isotopic signatures of an aquatic insect (mayfly, Baetis tricaudatus)


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Wesner, J.S., Walters, D.M., Schmidt, T.S., Kraus, J.M., Stricker, C.A., and Clements, W.H., 2017, Zinc concentrations and isotopic signatures of an aquatic insect (mayfly, Baetis tricaudatus): U.S. Geological Survey data release,


Insect metamorphosis often results in substantial chemical changes that can fractionate isotopes and alter contaminant concentrations. We exposed larval mayflies (Baetis tricaudatus) to an aqueous zinc gradient (3-340 µg Zn/l) and measured the change in zinc tissue concentrations at different stages of metamorphosis. We also measured changes in stable isotopes (δ15N and δ13C) in unexposed B. tricaudatus. Zinc concentrations in larvae were positively related to aqueous zinc, increasing 9-fold across the exposure gradient. Zinc concentrations in adults were also positively related to aqueous concentrations, but were 7-fold lower than larvae. However, this relationship varied according to adult substage (subimago vs imago) and sex. Tissue [...]

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To assess changes in insect chemistry associated with metal exposure and insect metamorphosis


  • Fort Collins Science Center (FORT)
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DOI doi:10.5066/F72V2D85

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