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An Open Repository of Earthquake-Triggered Ground-Failure Inventories


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Schmitt, R.G., Tanyas, Hakan, Nowicki Jessee, M.A., Zhu, Jing, Biegel, K.M., Allstadt, K.E., Jibson, R.W., Thompson, E.M., van Westen, C.J., Sato, H.P., Wald, D.J., Godt, J.W., Gorum, Tolga, Xu, Chong, Rathje, E.M., Knudsen, K.L., 2017, An Open Repository of Earthquake-Triggered Ground-Failure Inventories, U.S. Geological Survey data release collection, accessed Month Day, Year, at


Earthquake-triggered ground-failure, such as landsliding and liquefaction, can contribute significantly to losses, but our current ability to accurately include them in earthquake hazard analyses is limited. The development of robust and transportable models requires access to numerous inventories of ground failure triggered by earthquakes that span a broad range of terrains, shaking characteristics, and climates. We present an openly accessible, centralized earthquake-triggered ground-failure inventory repository in the form of a ScienceBase Community to provide open access to these data, and help accelerate progress. The Community hosts digital inventories created by both USGS and non-USGS authors. We present the original digital [...]

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The goal of this work is to help accelerate research progress by making it easier for the research community to access these datasets. When selecting data for a given research objective, researchers need to know the methodologies used to create the inventories and the limitations of the datasets. To address this need, we also report details from the original authors regarding mapping methodologies and levels of completeness. We have chosen to structure the collection of inventories as a ScienceBase Community that can be updated regularly as new inventories are made available. The procedures and policies described in the accompany U.S. Geological Survey data series report, linked below, would be applied to new inventories prior to inclusion.




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DOI doi:10.5066/F7H70DB4

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