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2000 Upper Mississippi River System Color Infrared Aerial Photographs: Pool 13


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U.S. Geological Survey Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Upper Mississippi River Restoration (UMRR) Program Long Term Resource Monitoring (LTRM) element, 20170208, 2000 Upper Mississippi River System Color Infrared Aerial Photographs: Pool 13: U.S. Geological Survey,


This dataset consists of digital scans of color infrared aerial photography from the Upper Mississippi River System collected in 2000.


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2000_cir_p13_32-001.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_31-016.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_31-006.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_31-008.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_31-012.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_32-004.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_31-004.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_31-011.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_32-005.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_34-006.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_32-009.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_32-008.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_31-014.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_34-009.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_31-015.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_31-013.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_31-007.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_32-006.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_34-005.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_32-003.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_32-007.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_33-002.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_31-009.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_34-010.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_35-001.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_34-008.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_34-007.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_33-004.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_32-002.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_34-001.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_35-004.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_34-004.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_31-017.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_35-009.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_33-005.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_36-007.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_36-003.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_34-002.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_31-005.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_35-005.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_33-001.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_34-003.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_36-011.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_35-010.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_33-003.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_36-009.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_31-010.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_36-002.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_36-001.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_35-006.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_36-005.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_35-008.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_36-004.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_35-003.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_36-008.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_35-007.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_36-006.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_36-010.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_35-002.tif 88.17 MB
2000_cir_p13_36-012.tif 88.17 MB


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Upper Mississippi River Restoration (UMRR) Program Long Term Resource Monitoring (LTRM) element is implemented by the U.S. Geological Survey, Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center (UMESC), in cooperation with the five Upper Mississippi River System (UMRS) states of Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, and Wisconsin. The long-term goals of the Program are to understand the large river ecosystem, determine resource trends and impacts, develop management alternatives, manage information, and develop useful products. Color infrared aerial photography was collected during the late summer of 2000 for the purposes of deriving land cover/land use (LCU) datasets along the UMRS, to aid in meeting these goals.


  • Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center (UMESC)



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