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Bioacoustic manipulation of invasive Bigheaded carp: Common Carp phonotaxis data


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Kelsie Murchy, and Marybeth Brey, 20161025, Bioacoustic manipulation of invasive Bigheaded carp: Common Carp phonotaxis data: U.S. Geological Survey data release,


This dataset includes the behavioral responses to a broadband sound for common carp in an outdoor concrete pond. Broadband sound (0.06 to 10 kHz) has shown potential as an acoustic deterrent for bigheaded carps, but the response of common carp to broadband sound has not been evaluated. Since common carp are ostariophysians, possessing Weberian ossicles similar to bigheaded carps, it is possible that sound can be used as an acoustical deterrent for all three species.


Point of Contact :
Kelsie Murchy
Originator :
Kelsie Murchy, Marybeth Brey
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Marybeth K Brey
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GS ScienceBase

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The data was collected to evaluate if common carp responded similarly to bighead and silver carp to acoustic stimuli, specifically a broadband sound. If common carp do respond the same, broadband sound could be used in an integrated pest management system for all three species and common carp could be used as surrogates to bighead and silver carp for barrier efficacy studies.


  • Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center (UMESC)



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