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Long-term video surveillance and automated analyses of hibernating bats in Virginia and Indiana, winters 2011-2014.


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Hayman, D.T.S., Cryan, P.M., Fricker, P.D., and Dannemiller, N.G., 2017, Long-term video surveillance and automated analyses of hibernating bats in Virginia and Indiana, winters 2011-2014.: U.S. Geological Survey data release,


This data release includes video files and image-processing results used to conduct the analyses of hibernation patterns in groups of bats reported by Hayman et al. (2017), "Long-term video surveillance and automated analyses reveal arousal patterns in groups of hibernating bats.” Thermal-imaging surveillance video cameras were used to observe little brown bats (Myotis lucifugus) in a cave in Virginia and Indiana bats (M. sodalis) in a cave in Indiana during three winters between 2011 and 2014. There are 740 video files used for analysis (‘Analysis videos’), organized into 7 folders by state/site and winter. Total size of the video data set is 14.1 gigabytes. Each video file in this analysis set represents one 24-hour period of [...]


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IN_2011-2012 (Entrance).csv 49.45 KB
IN_2012-2013 (Entrance).csv 126.65 KB
IN_2013-2014 (Deeper).csv 73.27 KB
IN_2013-2014 (Entrance).csv 116.64 KB
VA_2011-2012.csv 68.51 KB
VA_2012-2013.csv 97.48 KB
VA_2013-2014.csv 47.3 KB
IN_ALL_DAYS_2011-2012_ENTR.avi 2.2 MB
IN_ALL_DAYS_2012-2013_ENTR.avi 5 MB
IN_ALL_DAYS_2013-2014_DEEP.avi 5.32 MB
IN_ALL_DAYS_2013-2014_ENTR.avi 4.63 MB
VA_ALL_DAYS_2011-2012.avi 4.35 MB
VA_ALL_DAYS_2012-2013.avi 6.43 MB
VA_ALL_DAYS_2013-2014.avi 4.12 MB 2.39 GB 5.59 GB 5.7 GB
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These data were gathered as part of an effort to develop and test new ways of studying or monitoring the hibernation behaviors of bats without disturbance. These video files and associated analysis output in csv format are intended to be read into Matlab and R using script files provided as Supplementary Information for Hayman et al. (2017) at Methods in Ecology and Evolution. These video observations were confined to only two caves, two colonies, three winters, and two species of bats with different behaviors, limiting their overall inferential value. They are provided primarily so that others can use and further develop the methods described in Hayman et al. (2017).



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