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Condition of Surgical Acoustic Tag Incisions in Recaptured Lake Erie Walleye (2011-2016)


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Bodamer, B. L., Schoonyan, A. L., and Kraus, R. T., 2017, Condition of Surgical Acoustic Tag Incisions in Recaptured Lake Erie Walleye (2011-2016): U.S.Geological Survey data release,


Intracoelomic implantation of electronic tags has become a common method in fishery research, but rarely are fish examined by scientists after release to understand the extent that surgical incisions have healed. Walleye (Sander vitreus) are a valuable, highly-exploited fishery resource in the Laurentian Great Lakes. Here, fishery capture of walleye with internal acoustic transmitters combined with a high reward program provided multiple opportunities to examine photographs and quantify the status of surgical incisions. Walleye (n=926) from reef and river spawning populations in Lake Erie and Lake Huron were implanted with acoustic transmitters during spring spawning events from 2011 to 2016. Incisions were closed with polydioxanone [...]


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Data on the incision closure, inflammation, and presence of sutures in 60 recaptured walleye were collected in order to evaluate the rates of healing and suture shedding of surgical incisions in tagged popultaions of fish in temperate cold water environments, the results of which are published in a corresponding journal artical. This data may be useful to any member of the Lake Erie fisheries programs, academia, the fishing industry, or the public interested in studies invovling surgical procedures in fishes.


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DOI doi: 10.5066/F71V5CG8

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