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Observations of Lithostratigraphy and Hydrogeology From a Boring Drilled to Bedrock in Glacial Sediments Near Nantucket Sound in East Falmouth, Cape Cod, Massachusetts


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Hull, R.B., and Stone, B.D., 2019, Observations of lithostratigraphy and hydrogeology from a boring drilled to bedrock in glacial sediments near Nantucket Sound in East Falmouth, Cape Cod, Massachusetts: U.S. Geological Survey data release,


Lithostratigraphic and hydrogeologic observations for the unconfined aquifer of western Cape Cod are limited near coastal groundwater-discharge areas. In spring 2015, a 310-foot-deep boring was drilled and a well was installed to 100 feet below land surface to facilitate detailed study of aquifer characteristics along the southern coast of Cape Cod. Characteristics of interest included the depth and character of the freshwater/saltwater interface and bedrock surface, and vertical variations in grain size, bedding structure, and hydraulic conductivity. Sediment cores were collected from land surface to the bedrock surface at 305 feet below land surface. Bedrock cores were collected from 305 to 310 feet below land surface. The sediment [...]

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U.S. Geological Survey
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Byron D Stone, Robert B Hull
Point of Contact :
Denis R LeBlanc
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Denis R LeBlanc
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U.S. Geological Survey - ScienceBase
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Water Resources
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New England Water Science Center


The purpose of this data release is to present the lithostratigraphic and hydrogeologic observations made during drilling of the boring to bedrock and the subsequent analysis of the cored sediments.


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DOI doi:10.5066/F7W66JPM

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