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Combined remote sensing and water-balance evapotranspiration estimates (SSEBop-WB) for the conterminous United States


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Reitz, Meredith, Senay, G.B., and Sanford, W.E., 2017, Combined remote sensing and water-balance evapotranspiration estimates (SSEBop-WB) for the conterminous United States: U.S. Geological Survey data release,


This dataset includes 1km resolution monthly timescale estimates of evapotranspiration (ET) for the 2000-2015 timespan. These new SSEBop-WB estimates were developed by combining a previously published long-term annual average evapotranspiration map based on water balance constraints with the SSEBop remote sensing ET product (see Associated Items). The combination aims to leverage the advantages of each approach in gaining both the temporal resolution of remote sensing data and the long-term magnitude constraints of ground-based data. This data release also includes other supporting data associated with the publication of these estimation methods in a concurrent journal article. Analyses in the journal article included comparisons [...]


Originator :
Meredith M Reitz, Gabriel Senay, Ward E Sanford
USGS Mission Area :
Water Resources
SDC Data Owner :
National Research Program

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“2000 monthly SSEBop-WB ET (m/mo)”
410.29 MB
“2001 monthly SSEBop-WB ET (m/mo)”
411.4 MB
“2002 monthly SSEBop-WB ET (m/mo)”
396.19 MB
“2003 monthly SSEBop-WB ET (m/mo)”
402.32 MB
“2004 monthly SSEBop-WB ET (m/mo)”
417.94 MB
“2005 monthly SSEBop-WB ET (m/mo)”
410.61 MB
“2006 monthly SSEBop-WB ET (m/mo)”
399.13 MB
“2007 monthly SSEBop-WB ET (m/mo)”
412.24 MB
“2008 monthly SSEBop-WB ET (m/mo)”
407.79 MB
“2009 monthly SSEBop-WB ET (m/mo)”
409.32 MB
“2010 monthly SSEBop-WB ET (m/mo)”
424.51 MB
“2011 monthly SSEBop-WB ET (m/mo)”
415.48 MB
“2012 monthly SSEBop-WB ET (m/mo)”
372.63 MB
“2013 monthly SSEBop-WB ET (m/mo)”
414.93 MB
“2014 monthly SSEBop-WB ET (m/mo)”
407.61 MB
“2015 monthly SSEBop-WB ET (m/mo)”
409.95 MB
“Map of ratio of EWB ET to effective precipitation”
96.99 MB
“Map of ratio of MOD16 ET to effective precipitation”
61.29 MB
“Map of ratio of SSEBop ET to effective precipitation”
88.66 MB
“Irrigation intensity from MIrAD (percent)”
11.08 MB
“Scale factor map used to produce SSEBop-WB data”
36.54 MB
“Average of June, July, August SSEBop-WB maps over 2000-2015 (m/mo)”
42.65 MB
“Average of March, April, May SSEBop-WB maps over 2000-2015 (m/mo)”
42.28 MB
“Average of September, October, November SSEBop-WB maps over 2000-2015 (m/mo)”
41.82 MB
“Average of December, January, February SSEBop-WB maps over 2000-2015 (m/mo)”
39.26 MB
“Data used to produce figures in associated journal article”
596.74 KB
“Shapefile of flux tower locations with residual values”
10.12 KB
“Metadata for data release”
Original FGDC Metadata

33.97 KB


The data sets were developed to compare remote sensing ET data sets with flux tower data, and to combine the remote sensing SSEBop ET with long-term ET estimates constrained by water balance.

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DOI doi:10.5066/F7QC02FK

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