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Metabolism estimates for 356 U.S. rivers (2007-2017): 6. Model outputs


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Appling, A.P., Read, J.S., Winslow, L.A., Arroita, M., Bernhardt, E.S., Griffiths, N.A., Hall, R.O., Jr., Harvey, J.W., Heffernan, J.B., Stanley, E.H., Stets, E.G., and Yackulic, C.B., 2018, Metabolism estimates for 356 U.S. rivers (2007-2017): U.S. Geological Survey data release,


This dataset provides complete fits from metabolism estimation models. The format is 5 files per model (text and tab-delimited files, packaged as 1 zip file per model): (1) estimates of daily gross primary productivity (GPP), ecosystem respiration (ER), and the gas exchange coefficient (K600), (2) parameters for the model overall, (3) estimates of the nodes defining the piecewise line relating K600 to discharge, (4) parameters for the overall relationship between K600 and discharge, and (5) any warnings returned by the model. This dataset is part of a larger data release of metabolism model inputs and outputs for 356 streams and rivers across the United States ( The complete release includes: modeled [...]

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A continental-scale quantification of energy flow in streams and rivers can facilitate better understanding of links between aquatic energy cycling and ecosystem services, the seasonality and dynamism of stream energy flow, and the effects of human activities on aquatic activity. This data release provides multi-day time series estimates of energy flow as metabolism (gross primary productivity and ecosystem respiration) for 356 streams and rivers across the United States.

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