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Geoelectric and Seismic Data acquired in the Precambrian Granite Gravel Aquifer, Llano Uplift, Central Texas, May 2017 - August 2018


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Ikard, S.J., Wallace, D.S., Teeple, A.P., Stanton, G.P., Merrill, K., and Pasley, N.K., 2019, Geoelectric and Seismic Data acquired in the Precambrian Granite Gravel Aquifer, Llano Uplift, Central Texas, May 2017 - August 2018: U.S. Geological Survey data release,


This data release contains geophysical data and well and borehole driller's logs acquired at a small field site in the Llano Uplift of central Texas. The field site is underlain by the unconfined Precambrian Granite Gravel aquifer and the Precambrian Town Mountain Granite bedrock from which the Granite Gravel Aquifer was derived through chemical and mechanical weathering. The data set consists of five types of data in the quantities indicated: (1) 1 time-domain electromagnetic sounding, (2) 441 self-potential measurements, (3) 2 electrical resistivity tomography profiles, (4) 2 seismic refraction tomography profiles, and (5) 4 driller's logs (obtained from 2 wells and 2 shallow boreholes). The data were collected primarily from within [...]


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Non-invasive geophysical methods (time-domain electromagnetic sounding, self-potential mapping, electric resistivity tomography, and seismic refraction tomography) were used with information obtained from driller's logs from two wells and two boreholes to create the dataset documented herein. These data were used in a companion journal article to help characterize the geophysical properties of the Precambrian Granite Gravel Aquifer and the Precambrian Town Mountain Granite in the Llano Uplift of central Texas. Because the objective was to achieve higher-resolution data than typical geophysical reconnaissance surveys provide, most of the data were collected within a 100-m by 100-m field site. One profile of seismic refraction data was also acquired outside of this area, centered upon an pre-existing well.

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DOI doi:10.5066/F72Z14G6

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