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SNOWDATA GeoTIFF Annual Snow Depth


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LCC Network Data Steward(Point of Contact), Arctic Landscape Conservation Cooperative(administrator), Arctic Landscape Conservation Cooperative(Distributor), Glen Liston, PhD(Originator), 2015-07-09(lastUpdate), SNOWDATA GeoTIFF Annual Snow Depth,,,


This dataset includes Snow Depth(snod) for northern Alaska in GeoTiff format, covering the years 1980-2012. Snow Depth is defined as depth on 1 March(m). The dataset was generated by the Arctic LCC SNOWDATA: Snow Datasets for Arctic Terrestrial Applications project.The dataset is delivered in the ZIP archive file format. Each year is output in a separate GeoTiff file, where the year is indicated by the filename.Over the last 20 years, under a variety of NOAA, NSF, and NASA research programs, a snow-evolution modeling system has been developed that includes the MicroMet micrometeorological model, the SnowModel snow-process model, and the SnowAssim data assimilation model. These modeling tools can be thought of as physically-based mathematical [...]


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Arctic Landscape Conservation Cooperative(Data Owner)


Snow conditions are extremely important to a wide range of hydrologic and ecosystem components and processes, including those related to surface energy and moisture stores and fluxes, vegetation, mammals, birds, and fish. This dataset provides snow data that did not previously exist at the required spatial and temporal resolutions needed by end users, such as scientists, land managers, and policy makers.


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