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Final Report for An Assessment of Midwestern Lake and Stream Temperatures under Climate Change


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Jordan Read, 2017, An integrated assessment of lake and stream thermal habitat under climate change.


Water temperatures are warming in lakes and streams, resulting in the loss of many native fish. Given clear passage, coldwater stream fishes can take refuge upstream when larger streams become too warm. Likewise, many Midwestern lakes “thermally stratify” resulting in warmer waters on top of deeper, cooler waters. Many of these lakes are connected to threatened streams. To date, assessments of the effects of climate change on fish have mostly ignored lakes, and focused instead on streams. Because surface waters represent a network of habitats, an integrated assessment of stream and lake temperatures under climate change is necessary for decision-making. This work will be used to inform the preservation of lake/stream linkages, prioritization [...]


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Jordan Read

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  • National and Regional Climate Adaptation Science Centers
  • Northeast CASC

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