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Geologic map of the south-central Sagavanirktok Quadrangle, North Slope, Alaska


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2017-03-31 17:40:00


Gillis, R.J., Decker, P.L., Wartes, M.A., Loveland, A.M., and Hubbard, T.D., 2014, Geologic map of the south-central Sagavanirktok Quadrangle, North Slope, Alaska: Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys,


This geologic map and report present 1:63,360-scale geologic mapping of the south-central Sagavanirktok Quadrangle in northern Alaska. This area encompasses approximately 600 square miles in the northern foothills of the Brooks Range, and includes stratigraphic and structural elements important to understanding the oil and gas potential of Alaska's North Slope.


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Alaska's North Slope is largely covered by tundra and past exploration has relied heavily on expensive seismic data. The geology exposed along the northern mountain front provides much-needed insight into the evolution of the petroleum system. Many of the geologic relationships delimited by our mapping can be projected into the subsurface and are directly relevant to ongoing exploration. This study presents new findings pertinent to evaluating the resource potential of the gas-prone, south-central Sagavanirktok Quadrangle region. In addition to relevant oil and gas issues, detailed geologic mapping in the Sagavanirktok River investigates several important scientific questions related to deposition of the Brookian Megasequence and evolution of the Colville foreland basin.

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