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Workflows to support integrated predictive science capacity: Forecasting invasive species for natural resource planning and risk assessment


Timely information regarding the risk of activity of invasive plant and animal species, which are biological hazards, is critical for efficient detection and control efforts by resource managers. The USA National Phenology Network will produce and deliver national-scale real-time and short-term forecast maps indicating the optimal time to detect and treat problematic, invasive insect pests including emerald ash borer and hemlock wooly adelgid. These risk maps will enhance decision-making and short-term planning by both natural resource managers and members of the public. The project will create workflows and modular, transferable tools and services to benefit USGS and associated stakeholder communities. A key outcome will be improved [...]


Principal Investigator :
Jake Weltzin
Co-Investigator :
Theresa Crimmins, Toni L Morelli

Project Extension



  • Community for Data Integration (CDI)



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