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GIS shapefiles for lava flows at Kilauea volcano, 1790–1982


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Orr, T.R., 2018, GIS shapefiles for lava flows at Kilauea volcano, 1790–1982: U.S. Geological Survey data release,


This dataset contains shapefiles and associated metadata for lava flows erupted at Kilauea volcano from ca. 1790 through 1982. The dataset includes all known subaerial eruptions in the volcano's Southwest Rift Zone and East Rift Zone, and selected flows erupted within the summit caldera, during this time period. Two attributed shapefiles are associated with each eruption: a polyline shapefile for the lava flow contacts and eruptive fissures, and a polygon shapefile showing the full extent of the lava flow after emplacement. In total, this dataset contains 100 shapefiles, each with an associated metadata .txt file, representing 50 separate eruptions. The lava flow contacts and fissures were mapped on the ground using a handheld GPS, [...]

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Point of Contact :
U.S. Geological Survey, Tim Orr
Process Contact :
U.S. Geological Survey, Tim Orr
Originator :
Tim R. Orr
Metadata Contact :
U.S. Geological Survey, Tim Orr
Publisher :
U.S. Geological Survey
Distributor :
U.S. Geological Survey - ScienceBase
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Natural Hazards
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Volcano Hazards Program Office

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The complete dataset contains the geologic contacts, polygons and eruptive fissures for lava flow-producing eruptions of Kilauea volcano from ca. 1790 through 1982. These data differ from existing GIS products in that they show the flows at their time of emplacement, not as they are currently exposed at the ground surface. Many flows have been partly or completed buried by younger flows and are thus not represented in other GIS products. In addition, the geologic contacts have been updated, where possible, using digital imagery. Not all lava flows within the volcano's summit caldera are included because of a paucity of map resources and because much of Kilauea's documented history is characterized by nearly continuous summit activity.


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On July 23, 2018 a new dataset,1974 (September) lava flow extent, was added to this collection. It had previously been excluded from the collection in error.

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DOI doi:10.5066/P9B7904I

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