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Hawaii Volcanoes National Park plant reproductive and rat abundance data, 2016-2017


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Gill, N.S., Yelenik, S.G., Banko, P., Dixon, C., Jaennecke, K. and Peck, R., 2018, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park plant reproductive and rat abundance data 2016-2017: U.S. Geological Survey data release,


This data included data and metadata on 1) the number of open fruit of Hibiscidelphus giffardianus, 2) Mark recapture data for rats, 3) location data for rat traps within plots and 4) seedling count data for Hibiscidelphus giffardianus. All sites were within Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. This study aims to evaluate the effect of rat population control on the ability of Hibiscadelphus giffardianus to successfully establish seedlings. We compared H. giffardianus fruiting and recruitment in a stand treated for rats and a neighboring control stand. The study was conducted in two neighboring kīpuka, Kīpuka Puaulu and Kīpuka Kī, which are patches of well-developed forest surrounded by more recent lava flows. These kīpuka lie 2.5 km northwest [...]

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“Hibiscidelphus giffardianus. Photo source: Gill, N.S.”
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Data were collected to ascertain whether rat removal increases the reproductive success of Hibiscadelphus giffardianus. Hibiscadelphus giffardianus is an endangered plant with only two known populations and it is not known to have successful seedling recruitment in the wild. While it was known that rats ate the fruits, it was not known if removing rats would be enough to increase population growth rates of the species.
Hibiscidelphus giffardianus. Photo source: Gill, N.S.
Hibiscidelphus giffardianus. Photo source: Gill, N.S.


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DOI doi:10.5066/P9G5K78F

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