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Combined re-classed Soller and re-classed NLCD11 Variable


Purpose: Combine re-classed land use and Soller geology. To test as a variable for the Regional SPARROW models. Zipped file - Zipped file of all PU's catchments with Square kilomters of each cclassification as defined in "lu_soller." Zipped Files - where XXX designated an MHDPlus Production Unit. Data file - "lu_soller"; a zipped SAS National dataset (combined PU's Mike posted (6/21/18)), includes column labels for combined land use and Soller classes. units are in square kilometers. NODATA is area of catchment in KM2 that did nlot have any landuse or Soller combination. The fields are prefixed with SLU_#### where #### is the concatenated landuse reclass code, and the Soller Reclass Code. [...]

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“GIS dataset, re-classed land use and Soller”
1.75 GB
“Zipped file of all PUs”
117.9 MB 1.51 MB 2.61 MB 2.7 MB 2.4 MB 3.72 MB 2.94 MB 3.8 MB 3.78 MB 3.86 MB 5.33 MB 5.73 MB 5.97 MB 6.68 MB 6.81 MB 7.68 MB 9.21 MB 9.42 MB 11.57 MB 8.8 MB 10.2 MB
“SAS dataset National file”
132.04 MB


  • National Water-Quality Assessment - Hydrologic Systems Team (NAWQA - HST)
  • National Water-Quality Assessment Project


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