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Seasonal and spatial variation in the location and reactivity of a nitrate-contaminated groundwater discharge zone in a lakebed


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Smith, R.L., Repert, D.A., Stoliker, D.L., Kent, D.B., Song, B., LeBlanc, D.R., McCobb, T.D., and Bohlke, J.K., 2019, Seasonal and spatial variation in the location and reactivity of a nitrate-contaminated groundwater discharge zone in a lakebed: U. S. Geological Survey data release,


The U.S. Geological Survey Toxic Substances Hydrology Program at Cape Cod has been investigating the fate and transport of a treated-wastewater, groundwater contaminant plume. A portion of the contaminated groundwater discharges into Ashumet Pond, a kettle hole, freshwater lake. A study was conducted from June 2013 to June 2015 to document transport, transformation, and discharge of dissolved inorganic nitrogen species (DIN; nitrate, nitrite, and nitrous oxide) from the contaminant plume to the lake, across the groundwater-surface water interface. Groundwater, lakewater, lake sediment porewater, and sediment cores were collected and analyzed for DIN constituents as well as functional gene abundance for key N-cycle processes, and potential [...]


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Data Dictionary.xlsx 15.25 KB
Groundwater, Lakewater, and Lake Sediment Porewater Samples_Ashumet Pond, MA.xlsx 19.51 KB
Porewater temperatures_Ashumet Pond_June 2015.xlsx 36.13 KB
Groundwater seepage rate measurements.xlsx 12.56 KB
Lake sediment 15 cm transects into lake.xlsx 14.67 KB
Sediment characteristics and denitrification+nitrification rates_Oct 2014.xlsx 11.56 KB
Sediment N cycle process rates, gene abundances, and porewater chemistry.xlsx 21.88 KB
Composition of groundwater used for sediment slurry incubations.xlsx 11.19 KB
Metadata file for seasonal & spatial variation of nitrate contaminated groundwater discharge zone.xml
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This dataset was collected to document spatial and temporal changes in inorganic nitrogen concentrations as wastewater-contaminated groundwater discharged into a freshwater lake on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.


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DOI doi:10.5066/P98KJC3K

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