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Photographs and video clips of Clear Lake Hitch


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Feyrer, F.V., 2018, Photographs and video clips of Clear Lake Hitch (Lavinia exilicauda chi): U.S. Geological Survey data release,


This data release includes a collection of photographs and video clips. Above water observations were taken with with a Nikon D5300 digital camera and underwater observations were taken with a SOOCOO S100Pro digital camera. All observations were made on April 1, 2018 in Kelsey, Creek, Lake County, California. Further details can be found in: Feyrer, F. 2018. Rapid potamodromy into ephemeral streams: observations of the spawning ecology of the imperiled Clear Lake Hitch Lavinia exilicauda chi. (in review)


Point of Contact :
Frederick V Feyrer
Originator :
Frederick V Feyrer
Metadata Contact :
Frederick V Feyrer
Distributor :
U.S. Geological Survey - ScienceBase
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California Water Science Center
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Water Resources

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USGS_CLH_April_1_2018_11.JPG thumbnail 6.28 MB
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USGS_CLH_April_1_2018_13.JPG thumbnail 6.29 MB
USGS_CLH_April_1_2018_14.JPG thumbnail 6.4 MB
USGS_CLH_April_1_2018_15.JPG thumbnail 6.42 MB
USGS_CLH_April_1_2018_16.JPG thumbnail 6.05 MB
USGS_CLH_April_1_2018_17.JPG thumbnail 6.37 MB
USGS_CLH_April_1_2018_18.JPG thumbnail 6.19 MB
USGS_CLH_April_1_2018_19.JPG thumbnail 6.57 MB
USGS_CLH_April_1_2018_20.JPG thumbnail 7.05 MB
USGS_CLH_April_1_2018_21.JPG thumbnail 6.18 MB
USGS_CLH_April_1_2018_22.JPG thumbnail 6.07 MB
USGS_CLH_April_1_2018_23.JPG thumbnail 6.19 MB
USGS_CLH_April_1_2018_24.JPG thumbnail 6.22 MB
USGS_CLH_April_1_2018_25.JPG thumbnail 6.3 MB
USGS_CLH_April_1_2018_26.JPG thumbnail 6 MB
USGS_CLH_April_1_2018_27.JPG thumbnail 6.27 MB
USGS_CLH_April_1_2018_28.JPG thumbnail 6.04 MB
USGS_CLH_April_1_2018_29.JPG thumbnail 6.27 MB
USGS_CLH_April_1_2018_30.JPG thumbnail 6.18 MB
USGS_CLH_April_1_2018_31.JPG thumbnail 6.04 MB
USGS_CLH_April_1_2018_video_clip_1.mp4 589.71 MB
USGS_CLH_April_1_2018_video_clip_2.mp4 117.32 MB
USGS_CLH_April_1_2018_video_clip_3.mp4 314.66 MB
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All observations were taken to document the holding and spawning behavior of Clear Lake Hitch (Lavinia exilicauda chi), a fish species listed as Threatened by the State of California and petitioned for listing under the Federal Endangered Species Act.

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DOI doi:10.5066/P90BNFFL

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