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Refugia from drought and mountain pine beetle in a whitebark and lodgepole pine ecosystem


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Project Summary: Warmer temperatures and less precipitation in the western U.S. related to climate change are harming many important natural resources, including forests, rivers, and many fish and wildlife species. Climate refugia provide a potential opportunity for conserving resources and biodiversity in the face of climate change. These refugia are places where the climate will likely change less than the surrounding landscape and/or places in a landscape where species may move to find more suitable climates. For example, because climate change may alter the frequency, duration, or severity of droughts, small habitats that naturally retain water (drought refugia) may become increasingly important to many natural wildlife communities. [...]


Principal Investigator :
Jennifer M Cartwright
Funding Agency :
Northwest CASC

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  • National and Regional Climate Adaptation Science Centers
  • Northwest CASC

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