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A comprehensive list of non-native species established in three major regions of the United States: Version 3.0

A compilation and analysis of authoritative assertions of the nonindigenous established status of taxa in Alaska, Hawaii, and the conterminous United States of America


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Simpson, A., Eyler, M.C., Sikes, D., Bowser, M., and Sellers, E., 2018, A comprehensive list of non-native species established in three major regions of the United States: Version 3.0, (ver. 3.0, 2020): U.S. Geological Survey data release,


Note: this dataset has been superseded by this new data product: Simpson, A., Turner, R., Blake, R., Liebhold, A., and Dorado, M., 2021, United States Register of Introduced and Invasive Species: U.S. Geological Survey data release, Invasive species are a subset of non-native (or nonindigenous) species, and knowing what species are non-native to a region is a first step to managing invasive species. This is the second update to the dataset "First comprehensive list of non-native species established in three major regions of the United States" supporting a USGS Open File Report by the same name published on 2018-10-17. Version 3.0 of the non-native species list, as of 2020-09-15, contains 13,391 [...]


Point of Contact :
Annie Simpson
Originator :
Annie Simpson, Meghan C Eyler, Elizabeth A Sellers, Derek Sikes, Matt Bowser
Co-Investigator :
Meghan C Eyler
Metadata Contact :
Annie Simpson
Publisher :
U.S. Geological Survey
Distributor :
U.S. Geological Survey - ScienceBase
USGS Mission Area :
Core Science Systems
SDC Data Owner :
Science Analytics and Synthesis

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Material Request Instructions

For the informal watchlist of species not (yet) established in the United States, please contact Annie Simpson, 703-648-4281,


This dataset builds on previous versions and accompanies the 2018 U.S. Geological Survey Open File Report of the same name. Its purpose is to inform policy makers and the public which non-native taxa are currently established (with reproducing populations) in Alaska, Hawaii, and the conterminous United States. Our intention, though not a guarantee, is that this national non-native species list will be continually and regularly updated with new information (including corrections), made publicly available online and in a machine-readable web service format, and be clearly labeled with a version number and release date.


Creative Commons License CC0 (Public Domain). GENERAL DISCLAIMER: Neither the U.S. Government, the Department of the Interior, nor the USGS, nor any of their employees, contractors, or subcontractors, make any warranty, express or implied, nor assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, apparatus, product, or process disclosed, nor represent that its use would not infringe on privately owned rights. Hypertext links and other references to non-USGS products and services are provided for information only and do not constitute endorsement or warranty by the USGS, U.S. Department of the Interior, or U.S. Government, as to their suitability, content, usefulness, functioning, completeness, or accuracy. DISCLAIMER FOR APPROVED DATABASE: This database, identified as A COMPREHENSIVE LIST OF NON-NATIVE SPECIES ESTABLISHED IN THREE MAJOR REGIONS OF THE UNITED STATES, VERSION 3.0, has been approved for release by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). Although this database has been subjected to rigorous review and is substantially complete, the USGS reserves the right to revise the data pursuant to further analysis and review. Furthermore, the database is released on condition that neither the USGS nor the U.S. Government shall be held liable for any damages resulting from its authorized or unauthorized use.


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The list has been created from assertions made by more than 1,400 authoritative sources (which are included at the record level). The sources include peer-reviewed journal articles, books, brochures, circulars, databases, environmental assessments, technical reports, graduate theses, and websites. Revision 3.0 was completed by Annie Simpson on September 15, 2020. To review the changes that were made, see “VersHistory-Comprehensive_Non-Native_Species_ListV3-0.txt” in the attached files section.

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DOI doi:10.5066/P9E5K160

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