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Runoff Influence Analysis


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Hittle, E., 2019, Index-gage data and regressions in support of estimation of base flow on ungaged, periodically measured streams in small watersheds in western Pennsylvania: U.S. Geological Survey data release,


Streamflow was collected at various streamgages in western Pennsylvania in support of the scientific investigations report "Estimation of Base Flow on Ungaged, Periodically Measured Streams in Small Watersheds in Western Pennsylvania". Data were selected for the development of 12 regressions to examine the differences between prediction intervals when runoff-influenced data were included in the data selection and when it was not. This dataset includes 1) data used to develop prediction intervals for the titled estimation site based upon the titled index streamgage, 2) zero streamflow information, and 3) evaluation of the prediction interval with non-runoff influenced data. For prediction interval development a Move.1 regression was [...]


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Elizabeth A Hittle
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Elizabeth A Hittle
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Elizabeth A Hittle
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U.S Geological Survey
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U.S. Geological Survey - ScienceBase

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Index Streamgage 03111200, Estimation Site 03111235; Runoff In, Runoff Out Regression Models, 37.05 MB
Index Streamgage 03111890, Estimation Site 03111235; Runoff In, Runoff Out Regression Models, 35.35 MB


The purpose of this child page is to document all data and model development used to obtain prediction intervals for 12 regressions discussed in the "Runoff-Influenced Streamflow" section in the titled report. One regression (ALL) was developed from all data observed at the same time at the titled index streamgage and estimation site. Another regression (ALL PO) was developed from all data observed at the same time but were not influenced by runoff. Five regressions (R1-R5) were developed with 100 data points selected randomly from all data. Five regressions (R6-R10) were developed with 100 points selected randomly from data that are not influenced by runoff. Influenced by runoff for purposes of this project is defined as data computed on the day of precipitation and two days after.



  • USGS Pennsylvania Water Science Center



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