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Streamflow Permanence Class (SPC) rasters (PROSPER)

Classifications of annual streamflow permanence throughout the Pacific Northwest


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Sando, R., and Hockman-Wert, D.P., 2019, Streamflow Permanence Class (SPC) rasters (PROSPER) (ver. 2.0, February 2019): U.S. Geological Survey data release,


Streamflow Permanence Class (SPC) rasters represent the classification of the raw streamflow permanence probabilities produced by the PRObability of Streamflow PERmanence (PROSPER) model into categorical wet and dry classes, annually for years 2004 through 2016, and overall mean. Raw probabilities were classified into a -5 (dry) to +5 (wet) scale based on the spatially variable threshold (i.e., value that predicts the wet/dry break point) and confidence interval rasters. In general, the farther a raw probability value is from the threshold value for a given pixel, the farther the categorical value is from zero for that pixel. For example, a raw probability that is less than the threshold value minus the critical value for the 95-percent [...]

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SPC_2013.tif.clr 151 Bytes
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SPC_2015.tif.clr 151 Bytes
SPC_2016.tif.clr 151 Bytes
SPC_Mean.tif.clr 151 Bytes
RevisionHistory2.0_SPC_PROSPER.txt 925 Bytes
Streamflow Permanence Class (SPC) rasters, 2004-2016, Region 17_Rev2.xml
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Streamflow Permanence Class (SPC) rasters provide end users with binary (wet or dry) predictions of streamflow permanence based on the spatially specific threshold value and confidence interval produced by a probabilistic threshold analysis. The availability of temporally dynamic streamflow permanence classifications at a regional scale not only allows for improved understanding of the spatiotemporal dynamics of streamflow permanence and the physiographic and hydroclimatic variables that control streamflow permanence, but also serves as an immediate tool to water resource managers who are increasingly challenged by limited knowledge of where and when streams and rivers maintain streamflow.


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DOI doi:10.5066/F7VD6XQC

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