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Lake Biogeochemical Model Output for One Retrospective and 12 Future Climate Runs in Northern Wisconsin & Michigan, USA


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Zwart, J.A., Hanson, Z.J., Read, J.S., Fienen, M.N., Hamlet, A.F., Bolster, D. and Jones, S.E., 2019, Lake Biogeochemical Model Output for One Retrospective and 12 Future Climate Runs in Northern Wisconsin & Michigan, USA: U.S. Geological Survey data release,


This dataset contains modeled daily lake area, volume, constituent mass, and biogeochemical rates for 3,692 lakes in the Northern Highlands Lake District (NHLD) for one retrospective model run (1986-2010) and 12 model runs under future climate scenarios. This dataset was created using published tools developed to simulate detailed hydrological and biogeochemical fluxes for thousands of lakes and reservoirs over large spatiotemporal scales. The lake hydrology model utilized a computationally-efficient integrated surface water and groundwater modeling framework that informed a lake water budget model incorporating daily hydrologic inputs and exports from individual lakes within the modeling domain. The lake biogeochemical model was informed [...]


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This dataset has been used to project changes in lake-specific and regional primary productivity and carbon fluxes under 21st century climate change simulations for thousands of lakes in Northern Wisconsin and Michigan, USA. So far, long-term average changes in retrospective and projected lake biogeochemical fluxes have been analyzed; however, the daily model output allows for analyses of seasonal or subseasonal changes in lake hydrologic and biogeochemical properties for the Northern Highlands Lake District. Individual scenarios are supplied as their own dataset using rds files resulting in 13 rds files total for the daily model results (1 retrospective and 12 future scenarios). Each lake is identified across all scenarios using the National Hydrography Dataset Medium Resolution Permanent Identifier (column name "Permanent_" in each of the scenario's rds files). This dataset contains daily modeled output for one retrospective scenario and 12 future climate scenarios as well as lake- and scenario-specific averages for all modeled variables. The metadata for the daily retrospective model run is contained in the file "daily_metadata_retro.rds" and the metadata for the daily future scenarios model runs are contained in the file "daily_metadata_scenarios.rds". Metadata for the aggregated model output is contained in the file "aggregated_metadata.rds". All metadata files contain descriptions of the model output columns as well as units associated with those columns.

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DOI doi:10.5066/P9S7EMTB

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