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Great Lakes Research Vessel Operations 1958-2018: Gillnet. (ver. 3.0, April 2019)


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U.S. Geological Survey, Great Lakes Science Center, 2019, Great Lakes Research Vessel Operations 1958-2018: Gillnet. (ver. 3.0, April 2019): U.S. Geological Survey data release,


All gillnet data represented here expand upon vessel operations (OP table) data, all of which are collected by the United States Geological Survey, Great Lakes Science Center and its partners. The Gillnet Tables contain data collected from the research vessel deploying various gear used for gillnet data collection. The database uses sample_type to indicate the gear deployed. The tables relating to Gillnet are: GN_Annulus.csv, GN_Catch.csv, GN_Effort.csv, GN_Fish.csv, GN_L, GN_LF.csv, GN_OP.csv, GN_Prey.csv, GN_Stomach.csv, LMMB_Fish_Prey.csv, and LMMB_Invert_Prey.csv Data Quality: Note that the following data release is a snapshot of the database at the time of release. Some data quality checks are still being undertaken after the [...]


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rvcat-diagram-GN-withRef4.pdf 80.84 KB application/pdf
GN_ANNULUS.csv 1.25 MB text/csv
GN_CATCH.csv 1.52 MB text/csv
GN_EFFORT.csv 1.25 MB text/csv
GN_FISH.csv 7.3 MB text/csv
GN_L.csv 53.54 KB text/csv
GN_LF.csv 1.56 MB text/csv
GN_OP.csv 166.25 KB text/csv
GN_PREY.csv 340.77 KB text/csv
GN_STOMACH.csv 25.79 KB text/csv
LMMB_FISH_PREY.csv 318.6 KB text/csv
LMMB_INVERT_PREY.csv 5.59 KB text/csv


These data were collected and used in connection with numerous research projects, reports to various organizations on Great Lakes' ecosystem health, and for longitudinal data about environmental conditions and species inhabiting the Great Lakes.

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