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Groundwater, Surface water and Tidal Time Series Data at OU1 Naval Base Kitsap, Keyport, WA


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Opatz, C.C., 2019, Groundwater, Surface water and Tidal Time Series Data at OU1 Naval Base Kitsap, Keyport, WA: U.S. Geological Survey data release,


This Data release includes time series data collected at Operable Unit 1, Naval Base Kitsap, Keyport, WA and bounding surface water bodies over a 3 week period from 07/12/2018 to 08/08/2018. Groundwater altitudes in nineteen monitoring wells and surface water altitude and water quality parameters in five surface water bodies were monitored. Time series data were collected covered a period that included neap and spring tides. Field deployment details and quality assurance methods are included in Open-File Report 2018-####, “Groundwater Response to Tidal fluctuations, OU1, Naval Base Kitsap, Keyport, Washington”. Groundwater altitudes are referenced to the North American Vertical Datum 1988 (NAVD88). Groundwater horizontal datum for [...]


Point of Contact :
Chad C Opatz
Process Contact :
Chad C Opatz, Washington Water Science Center
Originator :
Chad C Opatz
Publisher :
US Geological Survey
Distributor :
U.S. Geological Survey - ScienceBase
SDC Data Owner :
Washington Water Science Center
USGS Mission Area :
Environmental Health

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Marsh_Creek_Time_Series_Data.csv 122.39 KB
Marsh_Pond_Time_Series_Data.csv 97.86 KB
Shallow_Lagoon_Time_Series_Data.csv 97.8 KB
Tide_Flats_Time_Series_Data.csv 97.77 KB
1MW-4_Time_Series_Data.csv 66.58 KB
MW1-9_Time_Series_Data.csv 66.55 KB
MW1-25_Time_Series_Data.csv 66.48 KB
MW1-29_Time_Series_Data.csv 66.51 KB
MW1-38_bSI_Time_Series_Data.csv 97.6 KB
MW1-38_tSI_Time_Series_Data.csv 102.57 KB
MW1-39_Time_Series_Data.csv 77.04 KB
MW1-41_Time_Series_Data.csv 73.33 KB
MW1-43_Time_Series_Data.csv 64.66 KB
MW1-45_Time_Series_Data.csv 66.63 KB
MW1-47_Time_Series_Data.csv 64.49 KB
MW1-50_Time_Series_Data.csv 66.46 KB
MW1-51_Time_Series_Data.csv 69.06 KB
MW1-60_Time_Series_Data.csv 66.36 KB
P1-10_Time_Series_Data.csv 77.68 KB
Keyport_OU1_NWIS_Site_ID.csv 1.32 KB
Barometric Pressure_Time_Series_Data.csv 61.49 KB
Liberty_Bay_Time_Series_Data.csv 105.4 KB
1MW-1_Time_Series_Data.csv 71.07 KB
Groundwater and Tidal Time Series Data at OU1 Naval Base Kitsap, Keyport, WA.xml
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Determine the optimal time to sample groundwater during the semi-diurnal and the neap-spring tidal cycles for freshwater contaminants at OU1 Kitsap Naval Base, Keyport, WA monitoring wells.


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DOI doi:10.5066/P9FB3KLK

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