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Temperature Records for Empirical Evaluation of the UMRS Floodplain Inundation Model


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Molly Van Appledorn, 2019, Temperature Records for Empirical Evaluation of the UMRS Floodplain Inundation Model: U.S. Geological Survey data release,


Hourly ambient temperature data were collected as part of an effort to empirically evaluate the Upper Mississippi River System inundation model. The goal of this sampling effort was to document inundation through space and time at a limited number of sites but across the range of flow conditions experienced throughout the 2017 growing season. We used temperature data loggers (Onset HOBO Pendant Temperature Data Loggers, model #UA-001-08) to record hourly ambient temperatures at the floodplain’s surface for subsequent analysis of hourly and diurnal flux patterns that would indicate likely submergence. Temperature loggers were deployed in two separate sites within six study segments (Pools 4, 8, 13, 26, La Grange, and a section of the [...]


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Molly Van Appledorn
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Molly Van Appledorn
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Molly Van Appledorn
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GS ScienceBase

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These temperature data were collected for the purposes of empirically evaluating a geospatial model of floodplain inundation in the Upper Mississippi River System.

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