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2015 Georgia water-use information by county and water-use trends by water-planning region


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Painter, J.A., 2019, 2015 Georgia water-use information by county and water-use trends by water-planning region: U.S. Geological Survey data release,


Water-withdrawal, water-use, and water-return information have been collected and compiled for each county in Georgia every 5 years since 1980 using data obtained from various Federal, State, private agencies, and on-line sources. For 2015, water use, water withdrawal, and water returns were estimated for each county in Georgia. Off-stream water use in 2015 is estimated for the categories of domestic use, commercial use, industrial use processing, mining use, irrigation use (subdivided into crop and golf course irrigation), livestock, aquaculture, and thermoelectric power cooling. Water-use trends from 1985-2015 have also been compiled for each water-planning region in Georgia.


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The purpose of these data are to provide county and water-planning region water-use information presented in OFR 2019-1086. Historical water-use trends by water-planning region are provided. Although much of this information is stored in the USGS Water Data portal:, the information that is provided at that source might change as new information becomes available and would no longer be comparable to the analysis provided in OFR 2019-1086.



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